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Entrepreneurial Companies

You wear a dozen hats, and benefits for you team is the latest addition to your stack. We can help you invest in the talent that you’ve attracted, while ensuring that your dollars are working for you.

Good benefit plans must not only be cost effective and sustainable for your business over the long term. They must also reflect your business’ philosophy values and your employee expectations.

Flex Benefits

Check out our Flex Benefits plan that allows employees to choose their benefits according to their unique needs.

We’re on Your Team

Our clients are at the center of everything that we do. At Vital Partners we work with our clients to ensure that our benefits plans provide you with a competitive advantage without becoming an administrative burden.

We promise a well communicated, cost effective, and sustainable plan. Our services include:

  • Marketing your plan, then giving you objective advice
  • Flexible benefits options that give plan members the power to choose levels of coverage
  • Employee benefits surveys
  • Benefits communication
  • Half-day service commitment
  • Training and support for your plan administrator
  • Healthcare Spending Accounts
  • Group savings with simple administration and governance
  • Wellness programs

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Flex Benefits 

Recently, one of the major Canadian insurers introduced an exciting new addition to the group benefits landscape, which is particularly relevant to entrepreneurial companies of 5-35 employees. Until now, a true flex benefits plan has not been an option for groups of this size.

This new solution allows plan sponsors a competitive, strategic advantage and benefits employees in the following ways:

  • Employers choose how much to contribute to employee benefits, as a dollar amount, a % of salary, according to employee class or single/couple/family status
  • 24-month renewal, so benefits costs are predictable for the medium term
  • Fully pooled for future price stability
  • Ability to offer different levels of coverage to employees based on their unique needs

Employees love this flexible benefits program because they have the power to choose their benefits according to their unique needs. Other benefits include:

  • Easy, interactive online benefits selection tool
  • Dental plans ranging from no coverage to adult orthodontic
  • High prescription drug maximums
  • Mobile and online claims
  • Remaining benefits dollars can be directed to a Health Care Spending Account

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