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Individual Insurance – Consultants, Professionals & Business Owners

We understand today’s busy lives. Finding time to research and figure out what programs will best suit your needs now that you’re the owner of a business or an independent contractor can be next to impossible. We don’t want the fear that someone will sell you something you don’t need to keep this research at the bottom of your ‘to-do’ list.

We’re Here to Help

Health events and life happen, and when they do, we want you to be prepared. Putting a plan in place does not need to be cost prohibitive.

We will help you build a solid benefits plan beginning with a foundation that will grow with you, your company, and your family. We’ll help you navigate the landscape of potential solutions and then the underwriting process.

We are transparent, and have your best interests at heart. Our services include:

  • Life, critical illness, disability insurance
  • Individual Health & Dental Insurance
  • Private Health Services Plans
  • Global Medical Access Insurance
  • Estate and wealth preservation strategies
  • Buy-sell and Key Person coverage

Risk Management Strategies

Term Life

Provides funds to pay off debt and other financial obligations


Income replacement if unable to work due to injury or illness


To pay for emergency medical costs outside of home province

Long Term Care

Provides coverage in order to receive comfortable and dignified care

Critical Illness

Lump sum and tax-free benefit in the event of a critical illness

Global Medical Access

Worldwide medical access coverage

Health & Dental

Provides coverage for unforeseen medical and dental expenses

Permanent Life

Provides lifetime coverage for estate planning, and can include cash values

Dental + Health Insurance

Leaving a group benefits plan or looking for coverage for you and your family? Click here to get quotes and apply online.

Travel coverage

Are you looking for reliable, cost-effective travel insurance coverage for you and your family? Click here for quotes and to apply online with a few easy steps.

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Health + Dental Insurance 

Leaving a group plan? You may be able to convert to an individual plan regardless of your previous group plan provider. Please click on the links below:

If you or your dependents are currently taking medications or have other health concerns, and do not wish to answer medical questions, we would recommend the following programs:

If you have limited or no prescription medications or limited ongoing health needs, you may wish to consider applying for coverage by answering medical questions. These programs are typically less expensive and offer enhanced prescription drug coverage:


Travel Insurance

We’ve partnered with TuGo, one of Canada’s top travel insurance providers so that our clients can travel with confidence. TuGo delivers affordable rates and reliable customer service when travelers need it most.

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