There are so many great things to say about Vital Partners. I have been working with the team at Vital Partners for over the past 5 years, since 2011. In that time, I have also changed organizations and have brought them into my new organization to work with as I trust them to fully support my HR work in benefits administration.

The Vital Partners team is knowledgeable, provides prompt support, excellent customer service and I know they are there to answer any question I have. I highly recommend them and consistently do to other professionals in my network.

Sabrina Brock
Pulse Seismic

Before sitting down with Andrea of Vital Partners, group benefits seemed like a daunting topic. I had just added my first employee to my company and wanted to provide them with a great benefits package. I had been told, by other providers, that my best bet would be to go for a health spending account and that I wouldn’t qualify for long term disability, due to having had a concussion in the past.

Andrea took the time to sit down with me and line by line, compared the plan I had with the new plan she could provide me with. Not only was the plan Andrea proposed more economical, it also provided group benefits for myself, my employee and her spouse. I could also receive the long term disability I was previously denied. She took all the stress out of the process.

After taking the time to fill out the paperwork for me and ensure that everything was properly submitted, Andrea went above and beyond and met with myself and my employee to thoroughly go over what was included in our coverage. She even bought us cookies and lattes.

I can honestly say that I have never felt more comfortable dealing with someone in her industry and recommend her every chance I get. Andrea is knowledgeable, patient, and won’t hesitate to order you a new card when you lose yours right after receiving it.

Thank you Andrea for making sure my employee and I are well taken care of.

Rebecca Frederick
Founder & Principal Designer, Creative Nobility Inc.

I first became aware of Jennifer and her team at VP while working in Calgary with a small private company. VP provided the company with an extended health benefits program that was flexible and suited the company’s needs. All claims were processed quickly, without any hassle.

My wife and I have been a personal clients of Vital Partners since retiring in 2013. Since I had been dealing with VP for the last 5 years of my working life, as a corporate client, it seemed natural to quiz them regarding a family extended plan. I was overwhelmed with the array of choices that were available. Jennifer helped guide us through a process that led to choosing a product that met our needs, and that was priced well for us.

Any questions arise regarding existing coverage or additional short term coverage requirements, or any other needs we have, I have no hesitation to contact and take the advice of Jennifer and her team.

My wife and I are very satisfied with our coverage and would recommend VP to others

John and Carol McMullen

I worked with Jennifer and her team for over four years in my position as Controller at DMK Drilling Fluids Ltd. Their industry experience and comprehensive understanding of plan designs was a true asset in helping us design a plan that fit. They were dedicated to our companies needs and took time to learn about the people, in the design of that plan. They offered a variety of benefit options to suit the company’s needs and employee demographic.

Jennifer actively participated in education sessions and data management processes at head office and the remote branch locations. It always amazed me how organized, knowledgeable and efficient they were. They answered all questions in a timely manner and their customer service was next to none. Jennifer regularly checked in with me, not just on annual renewals. They provided practical real world advice and always kept us up to speed on changes in the industry and how it affected our plan.

I would recommend Jennifer and her team to anyone who is looking for a truly great health insurance experience. They are the best at what they do.

Glenda Wesner